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We are looking for driven individuals who are passionate about subjects they want to spread with others.

We are trying to help students around the world get an education while schools are out, and if you are passionate about this, we would love to have you on our team!

How teaching at HELM Learning works

Teachers can select a class time that works best for them. Our classes will be held over Zoom, and are completely free for students to use.

Teachers will receive community service/volunteer hours for their work.

Teachers CAN teach with a partner, so that they will co-teach. Just make sure both teachers fill out this form.

More information about how the class structure works will be spread throughout this form.

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Section 1: About You

This is just some information about you and what you do

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Section 2: About Your Class

This is just information about your class. This section details what your class would be about, how it is interactive, etc.

NOTE: We want to keep the classes different, so we ask that you look at the classes that we have now (go to and make sure the class you want to teach is not there.

If the class you want to teach is there, contact the HELM Learning Management Team ( and we will see if we can have you teach the exisiting class.

What would be the name of your class (give a creative description) *

In 1-2 words, describe the subject you want to teach *

Be specific, for example, don't say Science or Biology, say Human Biology, Genetics, Microbiology, etc.

In 50 words or less, describe what you want to teach in this class. Start it with "In this class, we will learn..." *

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Can you give us a (brief) Day to Day lesson plan? *

Basically just say what you could cover for each of the 5 sessions. It doesn't have to be too elaborate, but briefly explainc

Many students will be young (elementary-middle school), so interactive learning is a big part of the class. Do you have any ideas on how your class will be interactive? (It's ok if you don't) *

Section 3: Logistics of Your Class

This is just logistical information, such as when the class is and who it is for

- Sessions during the school semester are 5 weeks long
----- Some weeks there will be no class due to school break ¬
----- For example if your class runs through Thanksgiving week, your class will will still be 5 weeks long, but will skip that week

- Sessions during school breaks and summer vacation will have weeklong sessions. School breaks include:
----- December break (week of Dec 25 and week of Jan 1)
----- February break (week of Feb 19)
----- April break (week of April 19)
----- Summer break (every week starting from the week of June 21 and ending the week of Sept 7)

What do you think the recommended age group would be for your class? (Which grades) *

How many minutes per day would your class be? *

Time Ranges for your class *

Give at least 2 different time ranges in case one doesn't work out • In the format "hh:mm - hh:mm; hh:mm - hh:mm; ...",
All times in 24 hour time, EST

Which day of the week would you like to teach your class? *

Note: You can select multiple days, and we will choose which day works best for the HELM Schedule

Start Dates for your class *

Please enter which week you would like to start teaching your class by entering the date of the Monday of that week, even if you don't want to teach on Monday •
In the format "yyyy-mm-dd"

Is there anything the students will need before the class begins? *

Other than an internet connection and a laptop / tablet

Once the session is over, what are the next steps for the students to continue this subject? *

For example for some classes, they can take a continuation class elsewhere